Fuselage brand has new items in stock

Dear readers, boys and girls,

It’s been a long time since I have created new pieces for my artistic brand Fuselage, so I am delighted to have some new items in stock!

A few new colourful scarves in various formats have arrived in my Etsy shop, as well as two bright large throws for armchairs or small sofas. As usual, most of the square scarves are made of 100% silk but for the new large airy ones, I have experimented with a silk and viscose mix. The home decoration throws are thick and sturdy as well as stretchy, because if you move around while sitting on them, they will give and not rip. ūüėõ

Check them out and let me know if you like them or if you are considering buying a gift for a loved-one!




Cr√™pe de Chine for a hot summer

Here’s another fashion item we shot last week end in Frankfurt! It’s an original silk scarf from my ‘L’art sur l’√©charpe’ collection and features a portrait. It was originally painted and later digitally transferred onto 100% silk Cr√™pe-de-Chine. I think it would also make a nice printed summer dress, as its airy and light. Maybe I’ll experiment with that idea for my next design project!




Available here on Etsy:


Almost vintage – a Kimono Jumpsuit from my Abbey Road days!

Some years ago, I was living in London on the famous Abbey Road. Yes, yes, very close to that famous zebra-crossing where John, Paul, George and Ringo had their barefooted photo taken!¬†Actually, if you look at that famous photo closely, you can spot a car in the background. Well, believe it or not, my friend who is a jazz musician and frequented Abbey Road studios alot back in those days (the zebra crossing is right outside the Abbey Road Studios) told me that the car was later auctioned for about GBP 300000! Just because it was a “silent participant” in that famous photo.

SO back to fashion, Olga! Whilst living on Abbey Road I designed this signature collection, inspired by Jackson Pollock (one of my favourites) and Asian art. This particular Kimono was hand sewn with pink leather piping (made from real goat suede which I cut and stitched into meters and meters of pink piping) and later bombarded with all sorts of paint. For that part of the process, I put up that crazy bed in the bedroom, which was one of those “lift-up-and-disappear-into-the-wall” type beds, covered the floor with huge sheets of plastic, and painted away!

Later we (me, my stylist friend Ruby, Allan O., a photographer and model Eva)¬† did a photo shoot at a St. John’s Wood basketball court, in a run-down section of the fancy hood. Eva, my beautiful model wore the kimono and posed with poise! Eva, by the way, is now a successful life-coach living in LA. She has run a charity project to help women in developing countries who suffer from breast cancer.¬† She truly extends her inner beauty to the outside.

Of course, this Pollock Collection was later shown in a fashion show. Why almost vintage? Well this was ten years ago.




Couture Kimono Jump Suit - hand-painted satin - off the cat walk Couture Kimono Jump Suit - hand-painted satin - off the cat walk Couture Kimono Jump Suit - hand-painted satin - off the cat walk Couture Kimono Jump Suit - hand-painted satin - off the cat walk Couture Kimono Jump Suit - hand-painted satin - off the cat walk

I’m now offering this Kimono and a few other pieces frommy signature collection on Etsy, because my atelier is crammed with too many designs!

Item Description:
This jump suit has been inspired by Jackson Pollock as well as the land of the rising sun – Japan!

Featuring a unique pattern, hand-sewn and then painted, also by hand. Some of the paints have a lacquer-like feel to them, sitting on top of the fabric and are of a harder consistency, while other pain splashes are soft and have sunken into the textile. Created and made in London, England; presented at several catwalk shows – so it has been worn by models.

Detailed Description:
Size: UK 8 to 10/ European 34-36 with a narrow feminine waistline
( slim fit; if you are between an 8 and 10 or 34 to 36 it will fit, but not bigger I’m afraid as it’s been made exclusively for catwalk purpose)
Material: Polyester satin.
Centre front zip which ends at top of collar.
Goat suede piping in the shoulder seams and the outer collar part.
Large Kimono sleeves with kimono-like slits in the underarm region.

Check it out on ETSY:


“Paper Dream” Scarf



Silk scarf “Paper Dream” small – from the “L’art sur l’√©charpe” collection – wearable art
Painted portrait – a wearable art piece

Item description:

This is a beautiful silk scarf, featuring my personal art work. The silk scarf collection is called “L’art sur l’√©charpe” which translated from French literally means Art on the scarf.

The image featured was an original painting, created by using different coloured papers and paint techniques. It has now reprinted onto silk, thus making the art work wearable. The “Paper Dream” features a lightly visible person, floating in the faintly turquoise universe, like in a dream.



See all the photos here:


The silk scarves have arrived!

Dear friends, I am so excited! Finally my sample silk scarves have arrived. You can see them all in this box on my desk.
They are prints of my painitngs, and feature unusual images. Currently I am doing a photo shoot to show them properly and will be posting the results very shortly!
The scarves will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop. Do come back for more info. Thank you!


Li Xiaofang: Go on, break your expensive China for a beautiful porcelain dress

L i Xiaofeng is one of China’s most original artists, using broken porcelain shards to create unique wearable costumes.

Li Xiaofeng began his artistic career as a muralist, but quickly turned his attention to sculpture, in order to explore the concept of Chinese landscapes. Instead of the materials usually used in this art form (marble, wood or glass), Li decided to use something completely new, but ancient at the same time ‚Äď porcelain shards from archeological sites. He cleans them shapes them, drills small holes into them and then binds them together with silver wire to create¬†unique costumes¬†he calls ‚Äúrearranged landscapes‚ÄĚ. Theoretically, his¬†porcelain clothes¬†are wearable, although they are just as heavy as a suit of armor (not so durable, though).

Recently, Lacoste asked Li Xiaofeng to create a porcelain polo shirt, for the company’s 2010 Holiday Collector’s Series. Because China forbids the export of ancient artifacts, including old porcelain shards. This posed a new challenge for the Chinese artist who decided to create his own porcelain bowls, drew custom motifs on them (including the Lacoste crocodile logo), broke them into pieces and tied them into the shape of a polo shirt.

Li Xiaofeng’s one-of-a-kind porcelain shirt will be the most expensive and most exclusive Lacoste polo ever created.





This is part of the article 

The Amazing Porcelain Costumes of Li Xiaofeng”¬†By Spooky (June 30th, 2010)