Webinar by Staiy

Dear readers, Recently, I have been collaborating with a sustainability facilitator and innovator platform called Staiy. A great initiative to connect consumers, advocates, intellectuals, manufacturers, designers and fashion lovers with each other all under the umbrella of sustainability and ethics. Yesterday, Staiy hosted its first online webinar inviting experts from areas of sustainability, innovation and … Continue reading Webinar by Staiy


The Grand Freeze

We are coming out of hibernation, The Grand Freeze of 2020 and what are we waking up to? Has anything significant happened during this time and what will come next? A look at ourselves, culture, trends and fashion. The Great British Freeze, 1947 via Pinterest Dear Readers, How long since I have last posted? Too … Continue reading The Grand Freeze

My first book is out! “Fashion Marketing and Communication”

It's been printed! Dear Readers, Close to the 2019 holidays, a wish came true: My book has been published!   Nearly 15 years of industry experience and 5 years of teaching Fashion Marketing, Comms and Management (as well as Design) in universities have informed the content of this book which looks at modern and historical … Continue reading My first book is out! “Fashion Marketing and Communication”