Kansai Yamamoto thrifty Tribute

Ladies and gents, boys and girls,

Have you ever heard of the Japanese Designer Kansai Yamamoto? Yes, no or maybe? Just to give you a little hint (or reminder for those who know him), he is one of the most colourful, experimental and legendary designers who clothed David Bowie for his Ziggy Stardust Tour. 山本 寛斎 is just fabulous!

Image above: Kansai Yamamoto and David Bowie trying on one of Yamamoto’s creations. Sourced here.

It was just my luck, that strolling through London, as one does, I should veer off the road into a thrift store and discover…drum rolls please…a Kansai Yamamoto sweater from the 80s!With a beautiful appliqué dragon and “Kansai Yamamoto” appliqué signature below it.

Kansai Sweater 2


The thrift store ladies gave it away almost for free, asking with much concern on their faces: “Are you going to wear it out or just at home?” Yes, of course, OF COURSE I am going to wear it out! I don’t care if I look like I just arrived fresh from the 80s in a time machine, this is a Yamamoto original and my tribute to his great talent.

Check it out:

The discovery of this vintage piece is coincidentally perfectly timed with the Louis Vuitton 2018 Cruise Collection Show in Kyoto, Japan – held on May 14, 2017! Nicholas Ghesquière made a vivid tribute to Yamamoto and it turns out he is a fan of his just like moi.



Louis Vuitton 2018 Cruise Collection – Image source here.
Louis Vuitton 2018 Cruise Collection seen here.

If you are as inspired as I am, you might like to check out Pinterest with lots of fantastic images of his creations: https://uk.pinterest.com/beaconscloset/kansai-yamamoto/?lp=true

And if you feel like you must have a retro piece, too, there are a few sites which offer Kansai Yamamoto vintage pieces: https://www.1stdibs.com/creators/kansai-yamamoto/fashion/

Have you got a cool vintage story to tell? I would love to hear from you!

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Origami for your clothes? Japan, I love you!

Wow, there are two amazing design projects from Japan which I want to share with you today.

They are both based on the art of Origami (folding paper) and have been applied to make fashion items and both have won prizes.

No 1 is “Orishiki” by Naoki Kawamoto. Kawamoto-san has made a range of accessories which consist of sections that are attached to fabric. First flat, they will ‘snap’ into a handbag! http://naokikawamoto.com/


Here is what he says:

“Orishiki” is a hybrid word composed of “Ori ”, taken f rom Origami, Japanese paper-folding art, and “Shiki ” taken f rom Furoshiki, Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is large enough to wrap and transport goods and gifts, as well as wearing them as scarves. “ORISHIKI” is a new carrying device consisting of a single piece of two dimensional structure, constructed of triangular segments which can be folded like origami, and can wrap things like furoshiki. The geometric bag is not only idiosyncratic in its appearance but also in its highly speacialized production process. The unique process can be applied to just about any productions without losing its unique product identity.


“132.5 Issey Miyake is a tricky concept to explain but basically it uses recycled materials to create garments designed to expand from two-dimensional geometric shapes into structured shirts, skirts, pants and dresses. The video above probably better explains the concept of flat folded-down 3D clothes – by 3mins.53 you’ll get it. Our verdict: wardrobe space saving, but not, you know, for everyday.” stated the Guardian on Issey Miyake’s 132.5 project.

This is project No2 which I want to share with you today.

Have a look here to better understand this concept:

Each garment in the 132.5 collection is made from identical sized pieces of material that are pleated and have hidden snaps and darts encorporated into the fabric. When unfolded they become beautiful structured, blouses trouser, skirts, dresses and jackets.  The collection recently won the Design Museum’s award Design of the Year.


One flat piece of geometric fabric….
-……turns into a 3-D garment!

Runway: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 13/14 – Beautiful People – MudPie


Runway: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 13/14 – Beautiful People

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Words by MPDClick’s Runway Assistant.

Chic tailoring with a 1960′s twist was presented at the Beautiful People show at Tokyo Fashion Week. Read on for our full review.

As the live band played and show goers lounged in leather armchairs, the sleek collection of mens and womenswear consisted of androgynous tailoring, retro details and Warhol-esque polo-neck sweaters.  Womenswear looks featured cropped cigarette pants with straight cut blazers, as well as printed tea dresses and 60′s swing coats. Flashes of leather in a cropped trench or full skirt brought a contemporary edge to the evocative looks, which were topped off with ladylike hair bows and patent court shoes.

Menswear looks had a quirky edge with neon duffel coats, printed trousers and black framed spectacles. Polo neck sweaters featured strongly and were mixed with tailoring in tonal shades of grey or chalky white. Menswear looks were styled with white lace up pumps which maintained a contemporary appeal. Stayed tuned to the Trend Journalthis week for more updates on the collections coming out of Tokyo.

MPDClick subscribers can view the full coverage of Tokyo Fashion Week by clicking here.

Image source: MPDClick


Loewe X Starbucks Japan: Luxury leather cup sleeves


Check out what I found in the recent SPUR magazine from Japan: Yes, Luxury leather brand Loewe and Starbucks Japan have teamed up and are offering limited edition leather sleeves for your hot cup of “Kôhi” (that’s your coffee in Japanese)!

If you feel too fashionable to use those cardboard cup sleeves, why not purchase a fancy leather one? Not only is it stylish, it also contributes to charity. Aiming at helping earthquake and tsunami victims (from March 2011), the sleeves were be released in a limited amount on November 14th. Six different colors, red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, and black, will run for a minimum donation of 1,000 yen (about US $12.50).



Here is the Japanese Starbucks website with more info on the LOEWE x STARBUCKS RESERVE® project: