Part I: Journey of a vintage Kilt jacket

This post will try to chronicle the exciting journey of a vintage Kilt jacket from Scotland, it's origins, interim stops and ultimate destination (well, for the foreseeable future at least). The Kilt jacket and vest, along with epaulets, a dagger and sporran (purse) have been in our family for many decades - perhaps since the mid 1980s. Since my parents loved to collect antiques, especially English antiques, it had ventured to us via a friend who was based in Norwich, UK, and brought many unique items to our house in continental Europe. Amongst his treasures, was this Kilt with accessories. He had also brought a dress mannequin from the 1950s - a beaming, smiling man who was almost creepy - and for a long time he stood in one of our mansion's rooms, dressed like a Scotsman in the Kilt.


London’s eternity: In books, buildings and bespoke shoes

London is an eternal city, it is full of historical significance and amidst change and movement, there are places of complete standstill, older than any of the passers-by. The Old Curiosity Shop, 13-14 Portsmouth Street WC2A In Holborn, near the wonderful London School of Economics, not far from King's College and the Thames river, is … Continue reading London’s eternity: In books, buildings and bespoke shoes