Webinar by Staiy

Dear readers, Recently, I have been collaborating with a sustainability facilitator and innovator platform called Staiy. A great initiative to connect consumers, advocates, intellectuals, manufacturers, designers and fashion lovers with each other all under the umbrella of sustainability and ethics. Yesterday, Staiy hosted its first online webinar inviting experts from areas of sustainability, innovation and … Continue reading Webinar by Staiy

Is it ethical to make fast fashion even faster?

Stumbling upon the latest article by McKinsey from 18th May 2018, I felt alarmed about the topic: "Faster fashion: How to shorten the apparel calendar." Is this real? At a time when a high number of fashion companies, from luxury to high street are acknowledging their contribution to this world's fashion problems through consumption and … Continue reading Is it ethical to make fast fashion even faster?

Gucci’s new fake fur is all but sustainable

Gucci's fake fur is aggravating pollution and is all but sustainable Real fur or fake fur? Sustainable or unsustainable fashion? Real fur is very expensive but what is the true cost for our planet when we opt for fake fur? Gucci announced this October 2017 that it will cease to use real fur and switch … Continue reading Gucci’s new fake fur is all but sustainable

MAIYET: Fashion without guilt

I've stumbled across this fashion brand which claims that it makes ethical, guilt-free fashion. Some of the designs are quite beautiful and so is the photo campaign that goes with it. I wonder if I should order something...? Take a look on their website - the link is below. http://www.maiyet.com Here is what they say … Continue reading MAIYET: Fashion without guilt