Part I: Journey of a vintage Kilt jacket

This post will try to chronicle the exciting journey of a vintage Kilt jacket from Scotland, it's origins, interim stops and ultimate destination (well, for the foreseeable future at least). The Kilt jacket and vest, along with epaulets, a dagger and sporran (purse) have been in our family for many decades - perhaps since the mid 1980s. Since my parents loved to collect antiques, especially English antiques, it had ventured to us via a friend who was based in Norwich, UK, and brought many unique items to our house in continental Europe. Amongst his treasures, was this Kilt with accessories. He had also brought a dress mannequin from the 1950s - a beaming, smiling man who was almost creepy - and for a long time he stood in one of our mansion's rooms, dressed like a Scotsman in the Kilt.