Academic Consulting & Tutoring

Academic consulting for institutions

Consulting is available for institutions which are interested in developing a new curriculum or enhancing an existing one. This is particularly interesting to educators who want to offer Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design and Brand Management courses, including Luxury Brand Management.

Curriculum and course development is both for the physical classroom as well as an online virtual classroom.

Another aspect of educational consulting is diversity and outreach programmes which can enhance the student experience and give access to a broader spectrum of students.

Furthermore, I am available for guest lectures and panel discussions on topics of Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design, Sustainability and Ethics as well as Brand Communications -just to name a few.

Being a multi-lingual person, I can lecture in English, German, Russian, French and if you dare me, I will try Japanese! Below is a taster of an on-line lecture in German.

For individuals and students

For individuals, I am happy to personally consult students who are applying for university places or preparing their portfolio, as well as mature students who need support throughout their studies. You can contact me here.