University of Westminster x Staiy

Staiy partnered with the University of Westminster to provide a learning opportunity for their MA Marketing, MA Retail, and BA Fashion Promotion students. The project aims to present a live example of the journey and the challenges faced by a startup, in particular one with a focus on sustainability. For the students, the main focus will be on branding with sustainability in mind...


Webinar by Staiy

Dear readers, Recently, I have been collaborating with a sustainability facilitator and innovator platform called Staiy. A great initiative to connect consumers, advocates, intellectuals, manufacturers, designers and fashion lovers with each other all under the umbrella of sustainability and ethics. Yesterday, Staiy hosted its first online webinar inviting experts from areas of sustainability, innovation and … Continue reading Webinar by Staiy

An honest review of Fig Femme

Warning! This blog post is controversial and if you are young, very conservative or sensitive, please do not read it. It deals with female body parts and physique. Restore Mask by Fig Femme to be put between your legs, ladies. The Mask. A few weeks ago a new product emerged on the market landscape offering … Continue reading An honest review of Fig Femme

Voluntary surrender and 7 questions

A nativity scene depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph as a family separated at the US-Mexico border at the Claremont United Methodist church in California. Photograph: Claremont United Methodist Church (   Question 1: What do you think would need to happen to rid millions of people of -basic human rights -freedom of movement -food -transportation … Continue reading Voluntary surrender and 7 questions

My first book is out! “Fashion Marketing and Communication”

It's been printed! Dear Readers, Close to the 2019 holidays, a wish came true: My book has been published!   Nearly 15 years of industry experience and 5 years of teaching Fashion Marketing, Comms and Management (as well as Design) in universities have informed the content of this book which looks at modern and historical … Continue reading My first book is out! “Fashion Marketing and Communication”

Banksy Pop-Up Shop in London (Gross Domestic Product)

Dear readers, I have been a Banksy fan for many years, and still remember spotting his original spray paint art in East London when he started his work. I was really inspired by his graphics and used them in some experimental textile art, about 16 years ago to express my protest against mindless consumerism. You … Continue reading Banksy Pop-Up Shop in London (Gross Domestic Product)

Deconstructing Greta Thunberg – a cry for help

Dear Readers, You know I cannot remain silent on topics that touch my analytical brain and try to de-calibrate my sensitivity for ethics and common sense, especially those that turn masses hysterical and make the front pages (yes, I know, an article on Brexit is long overdue, but I will wait for October 31st to … Continue reading Deconstructing Greta Thunberg – a cry for help

Re-spark joy! If you want to love your clothes again, put them all away.

Dear Readers, At the moment I am experiencing sustainability in many different ways, on various levels: Intellectually, physically an most importantly in my daily life.  This culmination of events has led to today's post. I learned a great lesson about clothing that I own and how to re-spark joy. But read on to find out … Continue reading Re-spark joy! If you want to love your clothes again, put them all away.

The London commute for (dis-)able bodied

Image source here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear readers, It's been a while - I know - since I have last posted. My health has been a challenge which in turn has led me to experience the normal commute through London in a new way. I wanted to write this post and examine physical impairment as well as … Continue reading The London commute for (dis-)able bodied

Dolce and Gabbana China ad – racist, provocative or ethnocentric?

Dear readers, Everyone is talking, tweeting, instant'ing and writing about the Dolce & Gabbana ad campaigns which sparked outrage in China and an outcry in the rest of the world. Let me take you on a journey to explore whether this ad was racist, provocative (on purpose) or just ethnocentric. Racist: One definition of racism … Continue reading Dolce and Gabbana China ad – racist, provocative or ethnocentric?