About Fashionblogga


Fashionblogga is an inquisitive, sometimes provocative blog set up by Olga Mitterfellner.  The name “Fashionblogga” is a play on words, reflecting London’s cultural heritage and the city where Olga is based. Her multinational mindset is key to understanding this global marketplace, having lived in Moscow, Frankfurt, Munich, Tokyo, Zurich, Paris and L.A.

Olga is the author of the textbook “Fashion Marketing and Communication” (2019) which deals with fashion marketing ethics. She is a fashion design and marketing expert who graduated from Central St Martins in London (2004) with an MA in the very innovative course “Textile Futures.”

Olga currently is a Senior Lecturer o the MA ‘Fashion Business Management’ course at the University of Westminster. Previously she was a lecturer in Fashion Marketing and Sustainability at London College of Fashion and has been a guest lecturer at various other universities such as the Welfenakademie in Germany. Prior to that she was Professor of Fashion Management at Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich, Germany.

Olga is also an artist and designer, making one-off pieces and has exhibited her work internationally. She is a member of the British Sociological Association, The Association of Dress Historians and Fellow of the Textile Institute.

Readers of this blog need to be tolerant of the possibility that content might cause offence, for any of the following reasons:
•Political or social opinion
•Discussion / portrayal of race and ethnicity
•Discussion / portrayal of “hot topics” such as ethical and unethical themes
•Other sensitivities regarding challenging our thinking patterns

As freedom of expression is of vital importance for the purpose of art, design, fashion and learning, related complaints about the content will not be entertained. However, critical thoughts and contributions are highly welcome.

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