FASHIONBLOGGA is my blog which is dedicated to all things from fashion to art to trends of our society.

(That’s me in 2017 at the Westfield Shopping Centre, hugging my friends who are not in the picture.)

I am an interdisciplinary artist, fashion & textile designer, trend journalist and fashion marketing expert who graduated from Central St Martins in London (2004).

For many years, I have been running my own creative fashion and fine arts label “Fuselage” which makes scarves, made-to-order clothes and paintings.

Because I have a brain, I teach on fashion marketing courses in London and Germany, write articles and books and have this very blog as a personal outlet for various thoughts on fashion and arts-related thing

Since I have I have lived in so many places, including Moscow, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Tokyo, Zurich and spent some time in Paris and L.A., I seem to have a great interest in global topics and international trends.

Thank you for looking at the ‘About’ page. Please enjoy reading!


Olga Mitterfellner


Any questions, comments or feedback? Please get in touch here:


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