FASHIONBLOGGA is a creative brand building consultancy set up by Olga Mitterfellner, M.A. CTextATI, BA. with a blog dedicated to current marketing trends and challenging thoughts. The brand consultancy is focused on ethical marketing, social responsibility and inclusivity.

FASHIONBLOGGA can help your business with all questions regarding creative brand building, consumer behavior insights, marketing communications, re-branding/ re-positioning, consumer journey/touchpoints, sensory branding,  design, sustainability and innovation as well as ethics, social responsibility and inclusivity.

Olga is a  fashion marketing expert who graduated from Central St Martins in London (2004) with an MA in the very innovative course “Textile Futures.”

Olga currently is a lecturer of Fashion Marketing at London College of Fashion teaching Branding, Strategy and Business Development Projects, to name just a few units. LCF partners with brands such as ASOS and Westfield in industry projects. Prior to that she was PRofessor of Fashion Management at MD.H in Munich, Germany.

She has over 12 years of fashion industry experience, having worked as a brand consultant, textile and fashion design consultant, as a trend-forecaster and in strategic PR and even the aviation business. Some of the companies she worked for include WGSN, Trendstop, Toray Textiles, FTI Consulting and the Lawn Tennis Association of Wimbledon.  For many years, she has been running an independent creative fashion and fine arts label “Fuselage” which makes scarves, made-to-order clothes and paintings.

Olga has extensive international experience, having lived in London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Munich, Tokyo, Zurich, Paris and L.A. She is a member of the British Sociological Association, The Association of Dress Historians and Chartered Member of the Textile Institute. Her transnational mindset is key to understanding this global marketplace.

If you would like to explore your consulting needs for your business, please get in touch here:


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