A reversible business suit from the Saint Martins Days

This post is a blast from the past when I was a student at Central Saint Martins in London! In 2004, my wonderful and talented friend and fellow-student Fred (now head buyer at Layers London) created a capsule collection for the modern working woman.

Beautiful pattern on the inside of the jacket.

Beautiful pattern on the inside of the jacket.


His concept was to create immaculate tailoring, the sort of outfit one would wear to work in the office, with a hidden gem on the iside: All the garments would have speacial linings, features and prints which would make them suitable garments for a night out! The woman in Fred’s clothes would be able to use the same outfit for the day and night, looking fabulous on every occasion. All she’d have to do is reverse the outfit.

He asked me to model the clothes for him, so here you can see photos of me about 11 years ago! We did the photo shoot on the premises of the CSM building in Southampton row which has since closed down when CSM moved to a brand new campus. Enjoy the blast from the past (click on the images to enlarge) and feel free to leave your valuable comments! Olga xx


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