Spa CHANEL au Ritz Paris


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Here’s fantastic news, as first seen on my fellow-blogger’s page “I love green Inspiration”:

Chanel will be taking up it’s long history with the Ritz in Paris by creating a day-spa full of Chanel beauty products. What a lovely idea!


Image source here.

“The Chanel/Ritz partnership makes sense for many reasons. Coco Chanel herself was a fan of the Place Vendôme hotel and lived there for more than three decades in what is now called the Coco Chanel Suite. In fact, the famous Chanel No. 5 perfume is in a bottle reportedly inspired by the architecture and design of the Ritz. And although Chanel has been selling beauty products, from sunscreen to lipstick, for many years, this will be their first attempt at having an entire spa stocked with their branded products and treatments.

Le Weekend De Chanel
Le Weekend De Chanel

Image source here.

So far, the French luxury brand is keeping mum about any specific offerings or prices, but we can already hear spa-goers from around the world frantically looking for good flight deals to Paris. Meanwhile, the Ritz’s website will reportedly begin taking new reservations as early as next month.” Source here.

And here is some history, icluding the roots of Ritz in Switzerland:

Source by I love green Inspiration: Spa CHANEL au Ritz Paris


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