I want to shave a hipster

This post might resonate well with some of my friends who have been moaning for a change in Williamsburg, New York, a place which was occupied by artists and designers about 10 years ago and then gentrified by – Hipsters.

Equally some people in large cities around the world might have spotted the appearance of beards on young men who are not wearing them for religious reasons and certainly lead a very immodest lifestyle.


Image source here.

They all look the same because whilst trying to be different and cool they have missed one point: They are all following a trend.

Personally, I have observed the bearded hipsters over the last few years, mostly in Germany, and I proclaim that I REALLY WANT TO SHAVE A HIPSTER and put an end to this trend.

I dream of shaving a hipster....

I dream of shaving a hipster….

The resons behind my wish are the following:

a) There are very few guys who actually look good with a full beard and who can pull it off with a feeling of authenticity. The rest of the hipsters with beards are just being fashion victims so obviously that it is not cool anymore.

b) A cleanly shaved guy, as well as a guy with an after-shave stubble of a few days, is oh so very handsome!

So, who wants to join me and help me shave a hipster? I’m willing to do it wearing underwear, just like in the photo, if it helps. Lets set a new trend! #shaveahipster


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