At the Karl Lagerfeld Store: A Digital Selfie Changing Room

Today I visited the Karl Lagerfeld store in Munich to browse around abit.

Lagerfeld Store Munich

When I went to the changing room to try on a pair of jeans I discovered an interesting installation:

There was an iPad right on the mirror at eye-level, inviting me to take a selfie whilst changing and then upload it on facebook! What a cool idea to digitalize the store. You could choose from about 5 different frames with one b&w option.

However, my selfie on the iPad only showed the upper half of my body minus the cool pants. So I still had to take a selfie with the phone to show you my new pants!



Post your selfie on FB.
Post your selfie on FB.


The pants are pretty interesting: Very stretchy white fabric which has been partially sprayed with black dye. You can see the white colour inside and on the zip. And speaking of inside, the pocket lining has little ‘Karls’ all over.

The sales assistant thought I should take a size smaller (27″ instead of 28″) but honestly, I am so fed up with the super tight-fitting pants! So I went for the 28….

(By the way, the black top is Roberto Cavalli- I was wearing it underneath the striped Escada Sport shirt.)

Zipper sprayed black only on the outside
Zipper sprayed black only on the outside


And for those of you who, like me, are wondering where Karl produces his garments, this particular one was made in Albania.

Other interesting things in the store was a book about Karl’s cat called Choupette and little tester-papers to spray perfume on in the shape of Karl’s profile.



5 thoughts on “At the Karl Lagerfeld Store: A Digital Selfie Changing Room

  1. Aww, thank you! I really love the topic of digitalizing luxury fashion brands and think that we will see more of it in the next years.

  2. This is genial! I’ve never heard about it and I really think it is a great way to self promote Karl’s clothes. The easiest and cool way to share without expensive advertising. By the way those pants look great on you. I’m not sure whether there is Karl’s shop in Italy, but I’m going to look for this interesting possibility very soon.

  3. Thank you Mari!!!! I wore the pants today to work and they are very comfortable. Karl also has some cute T-shirts and sweaters in his latest collection with comic-style images of him and choupette the cat…. ^__^
    Let me know if you find a store where you live.

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