A tribute to Dior’s ‘Bar Suit’ with modern and bright vintage clothes

Today, I felt inspired to photograph a tribute to Dior’s infamous “Bar Suit”, which later was called the “New Look” by fashion editor Carmel Snow.

France, Paris : Fashion designer Christian Dior

Image source here.

Here are the “props”:

I was playing with a vintage GUCCI tartan top – 100% wool – from the early 80s,

a sheer vintage blouse by Italian master of fine shirts TRUZZI Milano – 100% silk – from the early 80s,

and a timeless full-length skirt by THE SCOTCH HOUSE – 100% wool – from the actual Scotch house in London. It was a huge and famous central London woollen and cashmere retailer on Regent Street, which sadly closed its multi-floor shop in 2001. This skirt was bought in 2000. The skirt can be worn low and I left it dangling very low on my hips indeed.

And of course, the ultimate tribute are the black DIOR shoes from the new Millenium!

Here are the final photos. Enjoy!




One thought on “A tribute to Dior’s ‘Bar Suit’ with modern and bright vintage clothes

  1. That skirt is gorgeous and you wear it extremely well! The late 70s to early 80s is such an amazing transitional time and it’s one of my favorite periods for everything from music to fashion. I often say that my most favorite era would be 1976-1985.

    You had disco being replaced by Punk and soon after, New Wave. The big party drug was shifting from marijuana to cocaine, which is so wildly on the opposite side of the spectrum.

    For clothes, you had the dominant earthy tones of orange and brown giving way to the brighter blues and reds of the 80s. (That whole bright neon color thing that these internet kids are obsessed with when someone says, ’80s’ was a very late 80s thing – at least in the USA – but far be it from me to burst their bubble!) I remember A LOT of reds and blues; bright and bold. Like how everyone was feeling coming out of the late 70s, which, in the USA, were a bit of a drag, and into the 80s with optimism.

    Even in music and technology – you had the rise of solid state electronics and integrated circuits versus discrete electronics of the 70s and so a lot of the technology of the early 80s became very heavily computer chip dependant compared to the 70s. There was a lot of experimentation.

    It was such a huge transition and I don’t feel anything’s been similar in terms of how much different ground was covered in that transition.

    But back to your combo – I really like the look, and I especially like the way it looks on you! It really fits your personality. Thanks for posting!

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