Is it a fashion shot or not? Fashion selfies on very old phone cameras.

In a time where selfies make up a huge part of our photos I wonder what importance a good camera or mobile phone plays. What makes for a good selfie, especially a fashion one? Is it a) a pretty look, b) a fashionable outfit, c) a really good camera (in your phone) or d) all of the above? When I look at cool fashion blogs like those of Chiara Ferragni or Sea of Shoes they mostly have a good photographer snapping the look. Rarely do they use selfies to get their message across, but there are some. I wonder which phone they use? It surely must be better than mine which is very old and dated.

Just to prove the point, I’m going to go very very basic and experiment a bit with my extremely old Samsung Galaxy Ace which has a cracked screen and a camera which can deliver 5 megapixels, but looks like 2MP because either my phone has been dropped too often or because it is simply no good.

Here’s my one-try-shot, before I put on my pyjama, get cozy and have a cup f tea (totally unspectacular Tuesday night).

No make-up, featuring my beloved Robert Clergerie shoes (bought in the R.C. shop in London) as well a fantastic motelrocks dress which my dear friend Isaac got me in an indie-underground store in Zurich. Below is the result! Is it a fashion shot or not?

Pyjama o kiru mae ni


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