Have you heard of Peintre X ?

Recently I’ve discovered this artist who calls himself Peintre X. His gimmick is to hang his paintings on the street (mostly in Munich, Germany, as far as I can tell) and give them away to people for free while asking to donate money to some charity.


It this a smart PR trick? Is this a challange to good ‘ol Banksy? Or is this artist really cool?

Whatever it might be, it makes me wonder how he makes ends meet. Afterall to produce an actual physical painting  – and loads of them in this case – cost some dosh which regular proper artist simply don’t have, unless, of course, they make a sale here and there.

In an interview with Ones Prime.de, he revealed that he  used to be a spray artist but now turned to a basic paint brush. His art has a QR code which he says, will help him find out about the course the paintings go.

For German speakers, here is the link to the interview:



And a link to his FB page:



Personally, I don’t find his style very sophisticated nor any way out of the ordinary. In my humble but opinionated view, the paintings would most likely fail a portfolio review at St Martins. But I am very curious to hear your thoughts on Peintre X!


2 thoughts on “Have you heard of Peintre X ?

  1. No different than music – the people who do stuff for free know that their stuff isn’t good enough for people to pay for it so they give it away to get satisfaction. When another musician tells me about how good his friends think he is, I always ask them, “Well then, write a song, put on iTunes and ask your friends to buy it and then you’ll know how good they think you are and if you’re actually worth spending money on…”

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