Innovative tennis collection for Wimbledon

This tennis collection was once commissioned by the Lawn Tennis Association of Wimbledon and was displayed there for a summer event. They wanted a Central St Martins designer to do something funky which you could wear of the court which in turn would attract young Londoners to take up tennis. 🙂

My inspiration was mesh and elastic. I experimented with some fabrics and added colourful elastic bands all over. The jump-suit, for example, has elastic bands sewn into the fabric layers. And the long mesh skirt in picture no 2 can be adjusted in length as the elastic bands are pulled up. It was the first time for me to experiment with active wear – a very different area from couture dresses!

Have a look at my model friend and the shoot we did.





P.S. The lovely admitted that she had been celebrating her birthday the whole night long, and arrived at the shoot fairly hung over. Haha.



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