Vintage find: Kimandra’s Bally shoes and other goodies

Hello my fashion friends and followers!


First of all, I appologize for not having posted in a while. Here is something I discovered in Zurich: a lovely vintage fashion shop and concept called Kimandra.

I really like how her site is kept basic, with a focus on vintage fashion items.In particular I really like her shoe selection of many Bally shoes in mint condition. (And this pink blouse by Leonardo…oh I am so tempted to get it!!!)

For those of you who might be in Zurich, check out her special vintage sale today!


Pink suede blouse

Pink batik coloured blouse. By Leonardo. Suede. Size S/M. Price 120 CHF/ 93€. From Spirit of the Ages

Beige Leather Shoes

Beige leather/suede shoes. Lario1898/ made in Italy. Size 38. Price 142 CHF/ 117€. Never worn, in very good condition.

Snakepatterned Bally Low Shoe

Blue Bally shoes. Leather with snakeskin pattern details. Size 37. Price 146 CHF / 120€. Never worn, in perfect condition.

Patent-leather Shoes

Brown patent-leather shoes from Bally. Sole with good profile. Size 37. Price 48CHF / 38€.

Grey Bally Pumps

Grey Bally pumps. Suede. Size 37. Price 96CHF / 78€. In good condition.

Blue Bally Pumps

Dark blue Bally shoes, suede. Size 37. Price 72 CHF/ 58 €. In good condition, almost never worn.

Black/Brown Leather Boots

Brown leather boots made in Italy.Size 39.5. Price 89CHF/ 72€.

Bicolored Low Shoe

Bicolored low shoes. Leather. Size 39- Price 86 CHF / 70€. *In good condition.

Ferragamo Pumps

Brown Ferragamo pumps. Leather. Size 37- Price 89CHF / 74€. In good condition.

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