As promised – here are the silk scarves live on Etsy!

Dear friends!

As promised a few days back, I am really pleased to announce that my silk scarves are now “live” on Etsy!

We did a tremendous photo shoot with my photographer friend Max in downtown Frankfurt. Since this work is very personal and shows my emotions as an artist, I tried to create the same atmosphere in the photoshoot by modelling the scarf. I would like people to feel the unique character of this design piece and imagine, how you would look when wearing it.

Most of the pictures were taken in front of a wall which is an outdoors art installation. It features metal nails and the golden lettering “Verletzte Liebe” – which means ‘hurt love’ in German. I couldn’t wish for a better setting to shoot the scarves, because they are so personal. I painted friends and was inspired by emotions of love and courrage, pain and streangth. Who hasn’t ever been hurt by love? Can you love without hurt? There are so many questions….We hung some of the scarves on the nails and the wind started blowing. They were dancing and moving all by themselves, as if alive!

Here’s a little preview of what we did. Please click on my Etsy shop to see all the photos!


You can see me from the back with the scarves, observing the metal nails….


The location for our shoot was this open air art installation. The words mean ‘hurt love’. There are dozens of metal nails sticking out of the wall…..



Here I am modelling the “Asian Landscape” scarf….


We hung the scarves onto the metal nails…..



The wind blew and they came alive!



One thought on “As promised – here are the silk scarves live on Etsy!

  1. Collete, a very fine tie-dye on silk artist, does similar work in Austin, Texas. Her scarves are wonderful to the touch and brilliant in color and designs. She has also translated her work into Men’s Ties. I am not sure where she markets her work.

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