Vintage Karl Lagerfeld Skirt

As promised, I wore my 80s  Karl Lagerfeld skirt today to commemorate the opening of his concept store in Paris. Here’s a glimpse of Karl’s paisley creation.Image

(And..I’ve got a lamp on my head – haha.)



2 thoughts on “Vintage Karl Lagerfeld Skirt

  1. Awesome! It looks so good on you, too. Just like I said, you wear it like a mofo. And as far as the lamp on your head, well, have you seen any fashion shows lately? They’d call you groundbreaking. I really like the closeup where the flash shows off the detail and color. It’s a lot nicer than it looks in the first photo.

    1. Thank you very much Frankie! 🙂 I agree with you on the pattern, it is pretty and very intricate once you see it close up.
      Interestingly, Karl has been doing his own label in black&white almost exclusively. He doesn’t use any other colours, as far as I know. And yet, some 30 years ago he was into … paisley! What a change!

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