Google Glass: Cool or Scary future?

According to Mudpie, April 2012 saw Google release their concept ‘Project Glass’. Google have now released new information that ‘tech-addicts’ will be dying to know, if they don’t already. ‘Project Glass’ is “a wearable augmented reality device that interfaces in realtime to accomplish tasks like video-calling friends, obtaining GPS directions, take memos or photos” – Designboom.


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3 thoughts on “Google Glass: Cool or Scary future?

  1. It freaks me out to be honest. It seems like it’s just fragmenting people more. People like to think they can multitask but I don’t really think the human body was designed for this and we’re really starting to stretch the limits. People get killed constantly for texting while driving or staring at their cell phones when crossing the street. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would want tons of information in their line of vision.

  2. Frankie: I agree. People are getting hooked on the flow of information, similar to kids gettinghooked on video games. Thus they will try these new gadgets and get their brains washed because they can nolonger distinguish between reality and virtual reality. My conspiracy-theorist mind believes that this is all part of a “big secret plan” to zombify the majority of our population and manipulate, manipulate, manipulate….

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the big secret plan. For a minute I was really starting to think I was the only one who thought that! The good thing about the internet is that it allows us access to all information. The bad thing is that the average person isn’t smart enough to verify it and so people are filling their lives with endless streams of information, both good and bad. True and false. I find myself pulling away from it all more and more to be honest because sometimes I feel that the information flow is reaching a point where I almost can’t tell what’s legitimate anymore.

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