Molotow Spray Art

Molotow Spray Art

Last week end I went to the Creative World exhibition in Frankfurt, where my textile design was exhibited as part of a competition. I will post photos of it a little later.

First I want to tell you about a cool exhibitor’s stand I saw called MOLOTOW!

Molotow has invented a “legal” way to spray your art onto trains. They offer mini trains which you can tag, spray and re-work. I thought this was a nice idea for spray artists who want to plan their project well before transferring it onto another urban space of their choice.


The idea of using spray paint on various surfaces, such as model trains is really inspiring. One of my favourite fashion purchases are these toddler shoes which look like they have been sprayed all over.



So if you are curious about spray products by this company, check out their website to find out more here…

….or look at their promotional video below to see a sprayer in action.

Remarkably, Molotow is being oldskool, using music tracks which are reminiscent of the Space Night Earthview TV series, a famous TV programme by German TV station Bayerischer Rundfunk in the 1990s. The cult-status German television program was aired exclusively in the early night/morning hours each day. It is a mixture of chill-out-music (with voice samples from astronauts) and images of the earth as seen from space. The series became a staple for the rave and clubbing scene, often used in chillout zones, or watched at home after clubbing all night.


2 thoughts on “Molotow Spray Art

  1. I think the idea is cool but it’d be even more awesome if the subway cars they copied were the ones from the early 80s instead of the modern subway car, which is the one pictured. I rarely see any graffiti, if any on the subway cars anymore. When someone thinks of graffiti on a subway car, it’s definitely an early 80s subway car they’re thinking of.

    Here’s some gritty pix of the early 80s on the subway for your entertainment…the subway here now is a playground compared to these pix:

    1. Wow…this looks like the public transportation i took when i spent one term living in LA: the RTD, which everyone knew, stood for Rough-Tough-Dangerous! Was is really THAT seedy on the New York subway way back then?

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