Part I: Journey of a vintage Kilt jacket

This post will try to chronicle the exciting journey of a vintage Kilt jacket from Scotland, it's origins, interim stops and ultimate destination (well, for the foreseeable future at least). The Kilt jacket and vest, along with epaulets, a dagger and sporran (purse) have been in our family for many decades - perhaps since the mid 1980s. Since my parents loved to collect antiques, especially English antiques, it had ventured to us via a friend who was based in Norwich, UK, and brought many unique items to our house in continental Europe. Amongst his treasures, was this Kilt with accessories. He had also brought a dress mannequin from the 1950s - a beaming, smiling man who was almost creepy - and for a long time he stood in one of our mansion's rooms, dressed like a Scotsman in the Kilt.


A sign of life from the author

Dear Readers, It's been a very long time since I last posted but alas, I am ready to give a sign of life. What have I been doing all this time, you might ask? By Gerd Altmann aka geralt via Pixabay I have been writing a book. Yes, again! I didn't have enough plight writing … Continue reading A sign of life from the author

Emerging from the home with ‘PLDD’: The Post-LockDown Dishevelment

Image source here:|& Dear Readers, In the UK, perhaps also in your country, some restrictions have been lifted: Shops have reopened and gastronomy is welcoming guests to their outdoors or take-away space. Fantastic news coupled with beautiful sunny days! But what about our appearance? What has happened to us during the last "installment" … Continue reading Emerging from the home with ‘PLDD’: The Post-LockDown Dishevelment

University of Westminster x Staiy

Staiy partnered with the University of Westminster to provide a learning opportunity for their MA Marketing, MA Retail, and BA Fashion Promotion students. The project aims to present a live example of the journey and the challenges faced by a startup, in particular one with a focus on sustainability. For the students, the main focus will be on branding with sustainability in mind...

Webinar by Staiy

Dear readers, Recently, I have been collaborating with a sustainability facilitator and innovator platform called Staiy. A great initiative to connect consumers, advocates, intellectuals, manufacturers, designers and fashion lovers with each other all under the umbrella of sustainability and ethics. Yesterday, Staiy hosted its first online webinar inviting experts from areas of sustainability, innovation and … Continue reading Webinar by Staiy

An honest review of Fig Femme

Warning! This blog post is controversial and if you are young, very conservative or sensitive, please do not read it. It deals with female body parts and physique. Restore Mask by Fig Femme to be put between your legs, ladies. The Mask. A few weeks ago a new product emerged on the market landscape offering … Continue reading An honest review of Fig Femme

The Grand Freeze

We are coming out of hibernation, The Grand Freeze of 2020 and what are we waking up to? Has anything significant happened during this time and what will come next? A look at ourselves, culture, trends and fashion. The Great British Freeze, 1947 via Pinterest Dear Readers, How long since I have last posted? Too … Continue reading The Grand Freeze

Voluntary surrender and 7 questions

A nativity scene depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph as a family separated at the US-Mexico border at the Claremont United Methodist church in California. Photograph: Claremont United Methodist Church (   Question 1: What do you think would need to happen to rid millions of people of -basic human rights -freedom of movement -food -transportation … Continue reading Voluntary surrender and 7 questions

Spotty dress trend (interview)

A few months ago, Abi Buller from the agency Canvas 8 asked for my expert opinion on a spotty trend: Yes, the Zara dress with the spots! It's a great example of how one stylist can change the way we feel about clothes and by making this one dress so popular, create an inclusive wardrobe … Continue reading Spotty dress trend (interview)

Jean-Paul Gaultier resigns with a message of sustainability

Image source: The Telegraph Dear readers, This week in Fashion, Jean-Paul Gaultier retired from the catwalk with a spectacular show in Paris. As France 24 reports: "Famous for Madonna's cone bras, blue and white stripy T-shirts, saintly models and corsets, "L’Enfant terrible" of French fashion Jean Paul Gaultier is retiring from the catwalk. His final … Continue reading Jean-Paul Gaultier resigns with a message of sustainability